Saturday, September 4, 2010

Felicity's Epiphany

Go ahead, say that post title three times fast!

I saw Angela's post with her ticker-tape style mugrug and I had an epiphany.

These cuties are the PERFECT medium for trying out new techniques or blocks or whatever. Huzzah!

Behold, an image that was previously only a sketch on some paper came to life as a scrappy mugrug. I got to try out the scribbly raw edge applique technique Anita shows in this tutorial.

Bonus discovery: finishing your binding by machine goes WAY better if you press the binding to the back before you start stitching. Look at these nice corners -- each one was done on a first go!!

And the stitching looks cute on the back, too!

Fabrics were all scraps from my stash. I used a 30-weight dark brown thread on top and in the bobbin for the stitching.


  1. gorgeous. I am so in love with mug rugs at the moment. I had never heard of them before today. Yours looks great..

  2. Very cool! I love these little mugrugs - like you say, perfect for practising new techniques. I really like the effect of your thread sketching on the back - makes it just as cute as the front!

  3. Well done! I love your cute applique design and totally agree - binding by machine is the way to go!

  4. Hey great job! I totally have to try the machine scribbling...


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