Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stash Report, May Two-Four Edition

I just outed myself as an Ontarian, didn't I? Here in Canada, the Monday before May 25th is a holiday whose official name is Victoria Day - this commonwealth country celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday (which is actually May 24th). It's a "statutory" holiday, meaning most people have that day off work, thereby creating the first long weekend of the summer season. In Ontario, it's called the May Two-Four Weekend, a take-off on the fact that Victoria Day falls around the 24th of the month. And a 24-pack of beer is called a Two-Four - many of which are consumed over that long weekend.

Aaaanyway, if you're still reading, it's Stash Report time!

Week 21 (ending May 23, 2010)
Used this week: 0 m
Used this year to date: 78.10 m
Added this week: 4.5 m
Added this year to date: 51.78 m
Net Stash Busted in 2010: 26.32 m

Eh, what can I say? My friend Judy's shop had a big sale last week and I have a lovely credit there since working with her at the Sewing Expo last month. I got some Kona Cotton (2 lovely metres of Chartreuse, my new love) and a cute Echino polka dot.

Nothing out this week as I'm still working on my Modify Tradition swap quilt.

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  1. At least those sound like good, sensible purchases! And you've still used quite a bit this year! Enjoy your weekend.


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