Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Modify Tradition Swap Partner

I AM SO EXCITED! This is my first swap ever, and I couldn't be more pumped.

Please take these ramblings as guidelines only - not hard and fast rules. I want some of your personality to come through in the project you'll be working on for me.

Okay, first things first. My Flickr mosaic:
1. Roundabout Quilt row 1, 2. Folk-art Tree of Life, 3. three birds quilt top, 4. P2021981, 5. Circle Time, 6. Scrappy Bee Block, 7. Very Merry Merry Go Round Quilt, 8. Roundabout Quilt, 9. Plain Spoken Quilt, 10. "birdcage on a chain" quilt, 11. Wild Life, 12. PA131695, 13. ticker tape, 14. vogeltjes (birds) quilt, 15. DQS6, Front, 16. DQS8 Tree+Birdies

I pondered what kind of directions I would provide because honestly there isn't all that much about modern quilts and quilting that I don't like, and that's not helpful at all! So I browsed my favourites and realized that I tend to "favourite" quilts that feature a lot of saturated colours, Kaffe Fassett-style. But that's not to say that I don't like a quiet quilt with lots of negative space and solids. Because I totally do.

I have been drawn to images of trees lately, and birdies too. I added a couple of inspiration images that blend these two. But please don't feel that these are essential ingredients. Again, just suggestions and inspiration.

Circles are fun, but I love me a good triangle or strip too.

One block or many blocks makes no nevermind to me.

Above all, please have fun creating.

Quiltingly yours,

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  1. You are courages - I have not yet participated in a swap (or bee for that matter). I'll watch your blog on how it goes, so maybe... one day... I may do it, too! You picked real nice ones in your Flickr mosaic!


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