Thursday, February 4, 2010

WIP Focus: Preemie Quilts 1 and 2

My Guild's community outreach comprises a commitment to making quilts for babies who require care in the Neo-Natal ICU at Women's and Children's Hospital here in Vancouver. We call these quilts Preemie Quilts.

I love making Preemies for a variety of reasons: they're quick to put together (at 36" square, they're a really manageable size); they're a great opportunity to try out a new technique or to practice quilting; they're a great excuse to indulge in some cute kiddie fabric purchases.

In anticipation of attending my quilt guild's annual Preemie Workshop this Saturday, I have been doing some pre-cutting and preps so that I can make the most of my quilting time.

I have repurposed the blocks I had cut out that were originally intended for the Welcome Baby quilt, so getting Preeme 1 ready was pretty easy.

Preemie 2 was inspired by this quilt, except I am using two colours only and I'll be alternating the blocks. Some yardage has been busted this week. YAY! Isn't the fabric adorable? They're two different fabric lines but they go together so nicely - both thematically and colour-wise. AND they were 50% off. Sweeeet.

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