Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stash Report, Olympic Edition

I live in Vancouver, just over the water from BC Place where the Opening Ceremonies were held last night. The energy here is pretty incredible, and isn't being dampened by the pouring rain (yet).

Week 7 (ending February 14, 2010)

Used this week: 0 m
Used this year to date: 18.9 m
Added this week: 0 m
Added this year to date: 24.83 m
Net Stash Busted in 2010: (6.24 m)

I am sick with a cold and so is my little one, so not much got done this week, except that I finished sewing down the binding on the Cowboy Preemie.

(Stash Report is part of a regular feature by Judy at Patchwork Times.)


  1. What did you think of Wayne Gretzky being the final torch bearer? Too bad those protesters are making such a nuisance of themselves and being all destructive. I read that they aren't even from Vancouver, that they just go to places where they could possibly get some coverage to demonstrate. But what are they demonstrating about? They are giving our country a bad rap.

  2. I wasn't surprised it was Gretzky ultimately, and honestly I don't have a problem with it.

    As for the "protesters" - what a bunch of idiots. If your cause is so just why are you hiding behind masks? Demonstrate peacefully to communicate your message, fine. Don't intimidate people (!) and destroy property. Apparently they chose The Bay because of its history of colonialization.


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