Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stash Report

Week 5 (ending January 31, 2010)

Used this week: 0.3 m
Used this year to date: 13.05 m
Added this week: 4.18 7.83 m
Added this year to date: 21.18 24.83 m
Net Stash Busted in 2010: (8.13 m) (11.78 m)

Hmmm. Not exactly bustin' out all over.

Added this week was one gorgeous 100% cotton IKEA duvet cover that will be fantastic for a quilt backing (for the polka dots quilt I'm collecting fabric for) and/or a wholecloth quilt. Sigh. Value Village Bed & Bath Department = Stashbusting Fail. (But Bargain Hunting Win - it was $7.99! For more than 4m nearly 8m of fabric!!)

Edited: I just realized that the duvet cover has two sides, so twice the fabric. Duh. Also, I didn't measure it exactly but just guesstimated how big it was. Last night I measured, and today I realized there were two sides. Whoops.


  1. If you use it as a duvet cover, even once, than it doesn't count as a fabric purchase. It would go in the home dec budget. If you choose to repurpose it later that would be good for the environment. A win win solution if I ever dreamed one up!

  2. I like how you think, my friend!

  3. that's a GOOD purchase!!! Stash busting is about "buying responsibly" for me!


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