Wednesday, July 4, 2018

FAL 2018 Tutorial: Mini Charm Pack Zip Pouch

Do you collect those adorable mini-charm packs because they're sweet and tiny and cheap, but then wonder what to do with them? ME TOO!

This short tutorial will show you how to use one to make a cool zippered box pouch like this:

Mini Charm Pack Zip Pouch

All seam allowances ¼" unless noted.


1 mini charm pack (42 2½" precut squares)
1 scrap fabric for lining, 13" x 15"
1 scrap of sew-in foam stabilizer like ByAnnie's Soft & Stable*, 11 3/4" x 14½"
1 14" zipper

*this product will help your box pouch keep its shape. You can definitely use other batting or interfacing but the bag will be floppy.


1. Arrange the 42 mini charm squares in a 6x7 layout, and sew them together to make a patchwork panel. It should measure 12½" x 14½".

2. Spray baste the lining, foam stabilizer and patchwork panel together. NOTE: the stabilizer is cut so that it fits the patchwork panel exactly in one dimension and allows for about a 3/8" overhang by the panel in the other:

3. Quilt all three layers together.
4. Trim away the lining, flush with the stabilizer. NOTE: you will have to fold back the bit of the patchwork panel that overhangs. Don't cut it off! This is the bag panel.
5. Zip the zipper together. Layer the zipper right side up and positioned so the zipper pull is at the bottom and the bag panel right side down along the side that has the overhang of patchwork fabric.  The bottom of the zipper tape should be aligned with the bottom of the panel (see diagram). Pin in place if desired.

6. With your zipper foot in place, stitch in place (see diagram). Needle should be right beside the edge of the stabilizer. You may need to stop with your needle down and move the zipper pull up to keep everything lined up.
Note in this photo the zipper is layered underneath the flap of fabric under the presser foot.

7. Fold the bag panel right sides together and repeat for the other side of the zipper, again aligning the bottom of the zipper tape and the bottom of the bag panel.
8. Squash this unit flat, with the zipper centered. Stitch the bottom end closed.

9. Unzip the zipper all the way.
11. Stitch the top edge closed.

12. Box the pouch corners by cutting out a square that is 1½" from the folded side and 1¾" from the stitched end of the panel:

13. Open up one corner and squeeze it together:

14. Stitch the corner closed along the edge and repeat with the other 3.
15. Turn the bag right side out, poke out the corners with your finger and enjoy.

16. Enjoy!

PS: Please note that there are raw edges/seams inside the bag - you can finish them with a zigzag stitch after you sew the seams if you want. The edge of the lining/stabilizer layer that is beside the zipper seam is also left raw.


  1. Oh, thank you for this tutorial Felicity! I need to make one of these, especially as I have a little pack of these waiting for the perfect project!

  2. What a fantastic tutorial and even better finished project!

  3. I'm going to have to make a bunch of these! Thanks for the tutorial!

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